NJ Fulbright Spring Meeting- March 2, 2013 @ Princeton University


Where:  Princeton University  (Bowen Hall 222)
When:  Saturday, March 2, 2013
Time: 1 -4 pm
What’s happening: announcements about Fulbright and future events, introduction of new officers, terrific lunch from Princeton U Catering Services, and very important presentations on the theme of Peace and Justice & more.  (It’s a wonderful location, so feel free to arrive very early and walk around the campus.)
1. Samatha Lakin:  ” Stories of Jewish Refugee Children Rescued to Switzerland during World War II:
An Analysis of Institutional Rescue and Recovery In Conflict.” Samantha was a Fulbright scholar at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, in 2011-2012.  There she researched the rescue of Jewish children in Switzerland during World War II. Samantha is currently a graduate student at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University.

2. Kathleen F. Malu:  Rwanda: Genocide to Reconcilation

Kathleen taught English as a Foreign Language in Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo, 1973-75) and served as an “inspectrice” for the Ministry of Education in Rwanda (1980 & 81). She returned to Rwanda as a Fulbright Scholar (2010) and taught English literature at the Kigali Institute of Education.
3. Aaron Tesfaye: “Environmental Security and Hydro-politics in the Nile Basin.”
This presentation deals with water scarcity and the politics of the nascent Nile Basin regime among ten (now 11 with Republic of South Sudan) Nile Basin nations. Aaron is a professor in the Political Science Department at William Paterson University and the author of a few books…
4. Douglas Rosentrater: “Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero: The Legacy of the major English language playwright in the Martial Law Era of the Philippines.”
Doug was a Fulbright Fellow in the Philippines of 1980. He is now Professor of Theatre at Bucks County Community College and has had six NEH grants.

*Note: speakers have 25 minutes to present; and time will be given for Q & A after all the presentations are over. Also, if anyone wants to help with blogging this event and also videotaping and putting it up on Youtube, please feel free. Also, if anyone needs a ride, please let us know soon. Hope to see you, Richard Marranca Rmarranca@pccc.edu


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  1. It was lovely to meet again … thank you for everyone’s efforts in organizing and participating. I look forward to our cruise and meeting again in the fall.

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