Monthly Archives: March 2014

Thank you!


Dear NJ Fulbrighters and Friends of Fulbrighters,

We thank you so much for coming to our Spring 2014 event.

We thank our panel presenters:

  • Nisreen Rajab  ”Appreciate the Difference” Fulbright Student Scholar from Palestine.
  • Emily Apisa  ”Teaching in Turkey: A Fulbright ETA’s Experience” Fulbright Student Scholar to Turkey.
  • Jessica Martin  ”From Erzurum” Fulbright Student Scholar to Turkey.
and our guest speakers.



We especially thank you Passaic County Community College (PCCC) for providing us the meeting space at the historic Hamilton Club Building. Named for Alexander Hamilton, the nation’s first Secretary of the Treasury and a founder of Paterson, the building is an architectural gem.

Turkish Pizza (called Pide) was delivered by Oz Karadeniz Restaurant in Paterson, NJ.

We are looking forward to seeing you in our Fall 2014 event.

On behalf of the New Jersey Chapter, Fulbright Association, we thank you for  disseminating the “mutual understanding” in every world language.

Teşekkür ederim (Turkish); (shukran) شكرا (Arabic); Danke schön (German); Merci (French); Gracias (Spanish); Рахмет! (Raxmet!) – gen (Kazak); Murakoze (Rwanda); Asante (Swahili); Xièxie,  謝謝 (Chinese), Obrigado (masculine) and Obrigada (feminine) (Portuguese).

Melda N. Yildiz