Save Fulbright from a $30 million funding cut!

Save Fulbright from a $30 million funding cut!
Sign the Save Fulbright petition now.
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Help prevent an unprecedented $30.5 million cut to the Fulbright Program!
Yes, you read that correctly. The President’s budget request includes a massive cut of $30.5 million or roughly 13.5% to the Fulbright Program. This would represent a unprecedented reduction in the number of grants and the U.S. commitment to the Fulbright program. As members of the alumni community we must act NOW to prevent these cuts from passing the final budget. Members of the appropriations committees in Congress are now discussing this funding so we must voice our strong opposition to these prospective cuts.

The President’s request for the Department of State’s Fiscal Year 2015 budget is availableHERE (refer to pages 831-832 for educational and cultural exchange programs). The Congressional Budget Justification is available HERE

Sign the petition now!

What Can We Do About It

1.    Sign the Petition.
Sign the petition to let President Obama, key Cabinet leaders and Congress know how valuable Fulbright is to the world and why cutting funds now, when international tensions are at a peak, would not be in our country’s best interest.  Over 20,000 signatures have been collected but we need all Fulbright alumni and friends of Fulbright to support this effort immediately to have the most impact!

2.    Write To Your Elected Officials Directly.
Get on your computer and draft an email, letter, tweet, or other means of communication, to key policy makers in Washington; outlining both the diplomatic and economic benefits of your Fulbright experience. Austerity of diplomacy should not be a Congressional policy.   While every letter counts, reaching out to members on the Appropriations Subcommittees as well as your elected representatives is particularly important. Click here to learn more about how to contact those lawmakers directly.

3.   Engage Your Social Media.
Use #SaveFulbright on our FacebookTwitter or Linkedin pages to demonstrate your support.

4.   Become More Involved With The Fulbright Association. 
The larger and more vocal our organization, the more people know about our positive, lifelong impact across each sector, each continent, and each demographic. We are working to address the near term budget crisis while building a longer term effort to broaden our advocacy efforts on a more proactive basis. We need your continued support to build a stronger foundation to help preserve the program. Encourage Universities and fellow alumni to join or re-join in order to save funding to the program or continue the lifelong commitment to the ideals of Fulbright.

Thank you for your time and attention to this important issue. We welcome your feedback as soon as possible. Be sure to lend your voice to the petition and support our efforts to prevent these cuts.

The future of the Fulbright program is at stake.


Steve Reilly
Executive Director

Fulbright Association
1320 19 St, NW, Suite 350
Washington DC 20036

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