NJ Fulbright Chapter Spring Meeting- March 7, 2015


NJ Fulbright Spring Meeting will be hosted by Princeton International School of Mathematics and Science, Princeton, NJ.

Please mark your calendars for Spring 2015 meeting.

Day/ Time: Saturday, March 7, 2015 from 12 -4 pm.

Location: 19 Lambert Dr, Princeton, New Jersey 08540


Invited Speakers:

Dr. Jennifer Chen, Kean University. Dr. Chen served her Fulbright in Hong Kong and conducted research.

  • Presentation Title: “My Fulbright Story in Hong Kong”

Dr. Metin Yurtbaşı, İnönü University, Turkey. Dr. Yurtbaşı is an assistant professor at English Teacher Training Department.

  • Presentation Title: “Various Language Teaching Strategies”

Drs. Kolodiy and Watad are also invited for continuing the dialog on Ukraine and Morocco. They were our speakers for October meeting.

Dr. Judith Zinis- The Wound Creates: Students Respond to the Economic Crisis in Greece.

Detailed agenda will be posted at the end of January.

Thank you.

Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza and Hanukkah! Feliz Navidad!


Happy and Healthy Holiday season a New Year!





Melda N. Yildiz

NJ Chapter President

RSVP Melda.yildiz@Fulbrightmail.org


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  1. Melda,

    We are of course in the midst of the Christmas celebration, after having completed the Fall semester grades. Who is the audience for this program? How many people are in your mailing list? Is this the mailing list you were going to share with me? Are you combining this presentation with the Food Forum? It always snows the first week in March. We had talked about holding the meeting at the end of March. You were going to send me the pass word to help you with the word page. It was never received. What are the refreshment arrangements for the meeting? You were also going to send me information on your consulting non profit business. I read your resume. It is truly impressive. Have you tried Fairlight Dickinson University. They had an opening as Director of their MAT program.

    Best wishes to you,

    Peace and Democracy,


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