Interested in Fulbright Service Corps Trip to Albania?

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 Join Fellow Alumni on this
Fulbright Service Corps Trip to Albania

SEPTEMBER 819, 2015

I’m excited to announce this inaugural program for alumni to give back to the international community alongside fellow Fulbrighters while experiencing life in Gjirokastra – a picturesque city in southern Albania near Greece and a World Heritage Site. VIEW ITINERARY 

Experience hands-on restoration work, led by Cultural Heritage Without Borders, while enjoying remarkable sights of Ottoman-era architecture and hearing stories from communist-era Spac Prison.

Tour the capital city of Tirana, visit historical sites in the surrounding area and enjoy a reception with local Fulbright and US exchange alumni.




Hope you can make it!

Jennifer Oxley
Executive Director
Fulbright Association

Fulbright Association
1320 19th St, NW, Suite 350
Washington DC 20036

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