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NJ Fulbrighters meet at Pump Boys April 9 at 1:30pm.


Dear NJ Fulbrighters,

We are going to Pump Boys_General_Flyer

on April 9, 2016 Saturday at 1:30pm.

Please contact Melda if you would like to join us. We have four free tickets left for NJ Fulbright Chapter Members. First come first serve.

Thank you.


Apply Fulbright Grant


Montclair State University hosts NJ Fulbright Networking Event on April 19 between 3-5pm. This event is open to public.  Details will be posted here.

Panel presenters:

Dr. Kathleen Malu, Fulbright Scholar, Rwanda 2009 and Fulbright Specialist Candidate

Dr. Melda N. Yildiz Fulbright Scholar, Turkmenistan, 2009, Fulbright Specialist

Dr. Virgil Blanco, Fulbright Scholar

Dr. Richard Marranca, Fulbright Scholar, Germany


Please let us know if you are interested in attending the event.


Spring 2016 Meeting at Eastern International College

We thank you so much for attending the NJ Chapter Spring 2016 Meeting.
We thank all our presenters Drs. Nabil Marshood, Britta Bomhard, Richard Marranca, Hamid Elmyar, and Virgil Blanco for their inspiring and thought-provoking presentations and sharing their wisdom and experiences.
Our special thanks goes to Eastern International College for hosting and getting ready for the event.
We are looking forward to continuing the Interfaith, intercultural dialog and seeing you in our future events.
As Neil DeGrasse Tyson said now — ‘We are all connected; To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe atomically.’
Wish you all a happy and healthy Spring!